Student welfare or school‑based pastoral care refers to the total care of the individual. Pastoral care is an important aspect of MD. At MD pastoral care practices are based on Catholic values and a belief in the uniqueness of each individual.

Our Pastoral Care Program

The role of pastoral care is to foster a passion for discovery; diversity and civic responsibility, while ensuring that every student’s spiritual, social and academic needs are met. Each student must have the opportunity to lead, develop their strengths and be given as much support as possible to overcome their weaknesses.

Through collaboration, open communication and guidance, students have the best possible opportunity to excel. To develop well-rounded individuals, a balanced approach to pastoral care is required.

Pastoral care refers to the total care of the individual and pastoral care is an important aspect of MD. At MD pastoral care practices are based on Catholic values and a belief in the uniqueness of each individual. Each student at the College is valued for their unique gifts and talents within a safe and nurturing environment.

Pastoral Care in the College operates within a six House system. On entry to the College, all students are allocated to a House. Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 students are grouped in horizontal pastoral care groups and Year 11 and 12 are grouped in vertical pastoral care groups. There are sixteen Tutor groups in Years 7 and 8; fourteen in Year 9 and twelve in Year 10. There are ten Tutor groups in Years 10, 11 and 12. 

Each Year group from Years 7 to 10 have the same Dean, Assistant Year Deans, and Tutor Teacher for the four years. While Years 11 and 12 have a House Dean for their two senior years. 

In this system, the Year Deans and Assistant Year Deans (Years 7-10), House Deans (Years 11‑12) and Tutor teachers are primarily responsible for the care and attendance of the students. In addition, there is a Director of Student Wellbeing and Management and three Counsellors, two full-time and one part‑time, along with a College Social Worker.

Our Pastoral Care Program is reviewed regularly to ensure it meets the needs of our students. All students at MD participate in a range of activities during their time at the College. 

There are three main ways the College ensures every student is well known:

  • An age-appropriate Pastoral Care Program
  • Regular Tutor conversations with their Tutor teacher
  • Cohort meetings
Student Contribution & Achievements

Recognition of student achievement, contribution and excellence is the most effective approach to pastoral care. Affirmation of good conduct helps to develop self-esteem, well-being and self-efficacy, while nurturing a sense of belonging.

The following are offered at MD:

  • Teacher merits
  • Public recognition: in House Meetings, Cohort meetings, Tutor Groups, Assemblies etc
  • Oakhill Cup House Competition
  • Level Awards (further information is available in the Student College Diary)
  • Principal’s Morning Tea for outstanding service to the College (held once a semester)
Leadership Formation

As soon as students commence at MD, they are provided with decision-making and leadership opportunities. Some of the opportunities offered to our students are:

  • Student Representative Council
  • Tutor Group Captains
  • Cohort Leaders
  • College, House Captains, Lasallian, Music, Drama and Sports Captains
  • Lasallian Youth Leader
  • Sporting Leadership opportunities.

MD Houses

Oakhill's Houses are named after significant brothers. Each of the other Houses commemorates De La Salle Brothers who have contributed to our rich history and tradition.

Named after Saint Brother

Benildus Romancon (1805 - 1862) France

Feast Day 13 August

Named after the founder of the De La Salle Brothers

(1651 – 1719)

Feast Day: 15th May

Named after Saint Miguel Febres Cordero

Ecuador (1854 – 1910)

Feast Day: 9th February

Named after Saint Mutien-Marie Wiaux

Belgium (1841 – 1917)

Feast Day: 30th January

Named after Blessed Brother Solomon LeClerca

France (1745 – 1792)

Feast Day: 2nd September

Named after Eight Brothers

Martyred 9th October 1934 Turon, Spain

Feast Day: 9th October

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